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Why Oil Checks and Synthetic Oil Changes are Important

Most likely, you already know that checking the oil and changing it is important, we mentioned it many times before, but why is it that important? Well, today we want to dig a little deeper into this, and explain why checking the oil and getting synthetic oil changes is so crucial to keeping your engine working well and out of danger.

Using Full Synthetic Oil Is Important to Keep Your Engine in Great Conditions

In a previous post we talked about how synthetic oil offers the proper lubrication to reduce the dangers of friction, and although this is one of the most important jobs of motor oil, it certainly isn´t the only function they carry. Motor oil has different functions and each is important, these functions play a large role in how well the engine performs and how sturdy the durability of the vehicle is. Making sure that the motor oil you use is of top performance will make an impactful positive difference in your engine. Start using the best synthetic oil on the market today, visit our Amsoil online shop and select the right motor oil for your vehicle, or contact us this instant.

The 5 Different but Important Functions of Motor Oil

  • Lubricates and protects against friction. This is the top job of motor oil and the most important one, it must lubricate the engine so that it does not suffer wear or friction harm.
  • Makes the engine more efficient. Quality full synthetic oil, not only lubricates but also provide superior efficiency to the engine assisting in making it more effective in many other functions and reducing the fuel it consumes.
  • Assists in Cooling down the engine. As the motor oil travels throughout the engine parts, it also provides a cooling sensation and reduces the heat trapped inside the engine.
  • Balances out the acidity. There are different chemicals and liquids that take part inside the engine and they may slightly leak or create an acid environment. Motor oil neutralizes this and provides a more balanced environment.
  • Helps keep the engine clean. Motor oil not only absorbs heat but also removes other impurities and eleminates them through the oil filter. Particles of water, dirt, soot and other gunk that may make its way inside, is picked up by the oil and then left in the oil filter.  However once it begins to overload in these traces it will no longer be able to continue to function at its best.

Oil Checks Can Indicate a Complication Before It Becomes a Larger Problem

Every single function that motor oil completes is necessary and valuable. However, with use and time, all motor oils will begin to wear out and their valuable properties will start to deteriorate, making your engine more vulnerable. Changing the oil is a great way to ensure that the engine always stays protected and that the oil is always in good standing. It is also necessary that you check the oil often to make sure you add more oil when it is running low and to notice if there are any other complications. It can be dangerous to drive on very little oil, doing so can wreck your engine, so it is recommended that you check your oil at least once or twice a month.

Reasons Why You May Need to Add More Oil Often to Your Vehicle and How to Avoid This

An engine that needs more oil very often is indicating that there is something wrong. Usually, when more oil needs to be added in a short time span, it means there is a leak, but there are also other reasons the engine may be consuming more oil than usual. There could be a problem inside the engine, that is causing it to need more oil to make up for something and lead to an over consumption. Driving habits and the type of motor oil that is used will also make a difference in how much oil is consumed. Due to its less stable molecular composition, conventional oil will be used up much sooner than full synthetic oil. If you are experiencing problems and need to add oil constantly have your vehicle checked by a professional and change to Amsoil full synthetic oil today.

Better Products With Great Specials for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Mukilteo

Give your engine a better future, and take care of it with Amsoil full synthetic oil. At AAASUPERLUBES, we have all the right products for your engine, and your vehicle, from the best synthetic oil to oil filters and transmission fluid, we have what you need at attractive prices. Call and ask about our specials at (425) 327-9389.

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