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How a Synthetic Oil Change in Everett can Make Your Vehicle More Fuel Efficient

Regularly changing your oil is important, but just changing it as needed is not enough, the quality and type of motor oil is also an essential component. As we mentioned in our previous post, the type of motor oil you use can make a huge difference in how well your engine is protected against friction. Reducing friction is the most important job of motor oil. Synthetic oil is the best at protecting against friction, and it does more than just prolong the life of your engine and improve its performance, it can also improve the fuel economy of your vehicle. That is why today at AAASUPERLUBES we want to further discuss how synthetic oil changes can make your vehicle more fuel efficient.

All Engines Need Synthetic Lubrication to Obtain the Best Results

Cars and other vehicles require an engine to get it moving. The engine of a car is there to transform gasoline into the fuel that powers the movement of the vehicle, and allows all the functions that are required to continue running. This means that there are smaller pieces that are also in movement and that need to remain in continuous motion when the car is on and the engine is running. When those engine parts are moving and sliding past each other they are facing friction. Friction can be extremely harmful and deadly to the engine, but it also causes strong resistance between the moving parts, this leads to further inefficiency of the engine. This is where lubrication comes to the rescue.

Why are Synthetic Oil Changes Important to Prevent Friction and Improve Fuel Efficiency?

Full Synthetic oil is the most outstanding lubricant for all types of engines but specially for vehicles. Its superb lubrication qualities and incredibly sturdy molecular structure, allow it to coat and completely cover the engine parts that scrape past each other. This resilient coating of sleek and slippery protection that synthetic oil provides, creates a type of cushion and smooth film between the engine pieces, so that they do not suffer such strong rubbing. This also means, that they no longer have to withstand the strong resistance caused by friction, and can be more effective in moving and staying in motion without struggling to continue. Purchase Amsoil full synthetic oil for better results and immediate friction protection. Its superior lubrication can help the engine work much more efficiently and waste less gasoline. Contact us now, to start saving, or visit our online Amsoil synthetic oil store, here, for great products and prices.

 Car Engines are Made More Fuel Inefficient When Confronted With Friction

The reason that synthetic oil is able to make an engine more fuel efficient is because it makes the job of the engine much easier and reduces the effort that the engine has to put in. Almost all jobs inside the engine and under the hood of the car require gasoline to fuel its movements and functions. This means the engine does not use all the gasoline to power the movement of the wheels and allow the car to be driven. In reality, it only uses around 20 % of the gasoline to power the wheels, and the rest (80%) is used up by gasoline losses and to fuel other smaller tasks such as the radiator, the water pump, the exhaust heat and in losses such as those caused by friction.

How Friction Causes Gasoline Losses

Friction causes gasoline losses because of the resistance it creates between the moving pieces that keep the car going. This resistance makes the engine work twice as hard to get the pieces moving and going at a normal pace. It puts on a greater amount of stress on the engine,  causing it to require more gasoline to get the same job done. Synthetic oil prevents this, by rapidly providing lubrication and coverage against friction. The sleek and smooth coating of oil, allows the parts to effortlessly slide past each other and not struggle, facilitating the job of the engine, and reducing the amount of fuel it needs to complete the work.

Synthetic Oil Change Specials in Everett

Use Amsoil full synthetic oil in all your oil changes and help prolong the life of your engine and improve its performance. Full synthetic oil won´t just benefit your vehicle, it will also benefit your wallet. Learn how you can save, and obtain the highest quality synthetic oil out there, call us today at (425) 327-9389.

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