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A Synthetic Oil Change to Prevent the Dangers of Friction

Every aspect of vehicle maintenance is important, it keeps the car safe and running well, but when it comes to your engine, the right oil change can makes the most difference. A synthetic oil change is the way to protect your engine from many dangers, especially from the constant harm of friction and its devastating effects. For that reason, today at AAASUPERLUBES we want to further discuss one of the most valuable characteristics of full synthetic oil; its ability to provide the most superior protection against engine friction.

All Parts of the Lubrication System are Important

Friction wears out the engine, it is caused by the lack of proper lubrication and will result in eventually tearing apart the engine parts that are in continuous movement. In order to protect the engine against friction, the lubrication system of the engine must be in good working order. This includes all the parts from the motor oil itself, to the oil pump and even the oil filter. Read more about the importance of changing the oil filter and the role it plays in the maintenance of your engine in our previous post, here. Another, very effective and truly efficient way to protect the engine against friction is by getting a synthetic oil change and always using quality full synthetic oil such as Amsoil.

High Quality Synthetic Oil Offers the Best Friction Protection

Amsoil full synthetic oil is one of the finest synthetic oil on the market, see for yourself the many benefits it can bring for your engine. Find the best synthetic oil for your specific vehicle in our online store where you can look up by vehicle what types of products best suit your needs. You can also contact us directly for a more personalized experience and individual attention, we are always happy to help.

Different Types of Motor Oils Different Levels of Lubrication

Protecting your engine against the damaging effects of friction is not a difficult task, but it is definitely a vital component to help your vehicle last a long time and in good conditions. Although checking that the oil is not leaking and that there is enough is a way to ensure your engine stays lubricated, the type of motor oil you use makes a huge difference in just how well your engine is protected. This is because the type of motor oil you use can determine how much or how little your engine is protected, specially if your vehicle is constantly exposed to harsh driving conditions and other difficult circumstances.

Types of Motor Oil and Their Level of Friction Protection

  • Conventional. This type of motor oil seems to be the lowest in price but it also offers a lower level of protection. Due to its unstable molecular structure it cannot withstand high temperatures and in turn decomposes if confronted with extreme heat, losing important lubrication properties. Also, when faced with very cold weather it will thicken and not be able to flow or provide the proper lubrication that all engines require to avoid friction damage.
  • Synthetic Blend. This is another type of motor oil and is becoming more popular because it can offer some of the benefits of synthetic oil. Its level of protection is somewhat sufficient but cannot provide the complete protection that full synthetic oil can. It may be able to withstand hot temperatures but not extreme heat and it can also render better than conventional oil when it comes to cold temperatures, but it won't perform as great as full synthetic oil. Also, in most cases the difference in costs is not very significant, so why get a fraction of the benefits when you can experience the complete advantage of full synthetic oil.
  • Full Synthetic. Full synthetic oil can offer a high level of performance and protection. Full synthetic oil completely covers the engine parts that need the most lubrication, with a slick coat of resilient oil that will maintain the parts lubricated and moving without suffering rough abrasion. This remains true regardless of the driving conditions or the harsh temperatures the engine faces. As we mentioned in our previous post here, synthetic oil will prevent damages caused by cold starts because of its resilience in low degrees. Even when the vehicle is endures long drives or abrupt stop and go sprints, the engine will stay protected with full synthetic oil.

Incredible Specials for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Skagit County

Choose the right oil for your synthetic oil change, choose Amsoil, the most complete full synthetic oil on the market. Call us now at (425) 327-9389 to obtain the best Amsoil products at incredible prices.

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